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Some Pros and Cons of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Nowadays, it’s quite necessary to have a best vacuum cleaner for our home. This appliance, of course, helps make your cleaning tasks much simpler and easier. But the question here is what type of vacuum we should choose among the many types out there …

Well, today we are going to share with you some information about a modern type of good vacuum cleaner. It’s the robotic model. We are going to find out some important pros and cons of these appliances.

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What are the pros of having a robotic vacuum cleaner?

Best robotic vacuum cleaners often come with some major advantages, including:

- Scheduled cleaning

Robotic vacuums are programmable, so what we need to do is just create a cleaning schedule on the device. Then, they will automatically clean the house on select days or even at a specific time of the day. Thanks to this function, our floor is cleaned without any human interference. That’s definitely convenient and time-saving!

- Able to vacuum hard-to-reach spots

Featuring compact design as compared to traditional vacuum models, the robotic cleaners are not only easy to store but they are also able to vacuum hard-to-reach spots in the house. They can go under the bed, sofa, cabinet, and other large furniture. So, we don’t have to worry about the accumulated layers of dust under our furniture.

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- Spot cleaning

Many of the robotic vacuum cleaners have the spot cleaning mode that we can use when a spill or mess appears in a particular area. This mode helps the device just focus on the spot we direct it to, instead of cleaning a larger area.

- Mopping function

Some robot cleaners come with a built-in mopping function. This setting allows us to use the device as a mop. It seems ideal for floors requiring vacuuming and mopping.

What are the cons of a robotic vacuum cleaner?

Along with the pros mentioned above, robotic vacuum cleaners also have some of their own cons, including:

- Expensive

Prices of robot vacuums are expensive as compared to the conventional vacuum cleaners. They can cost from hundreds of dollars to up to more than $1000 for the latest models.

- Pre-cleaning or vacuum-proof the house is a necessity

Things like coins, pet toys, socks, or any other small objects can be stuck in the robotic cleaners. Of course, it would also happen with a traditional vacuum. But the difference is that we are not right there to pick those obstacles up when the vacuum runs. That is the reason why we should vacuum proof the house before the robot cleaner starts running.

- Limited cleaning functions

Robot vacuum cleaners are only ideal for flat surfaces, meaning that they are not suitable for other types of surfaces such as a staircase or uneven floors. Also, they can’t reach high areas like the walls or the ceilings. Therefore, you still need to use a traditional vacuum when you want to clean these areas of the house.

- Risk of getting stuck

Because of the compact shape and size of robot vacuums, they tend to easily get stuck under furniture or in tight corners.


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Now, you have clearly seen the pros and cons of robotic vacuum cleaners, right? If that’s so, we are really happy for providing you with this useful information through this article, though they are just the major pros and cons of robot cleaners. There are other advantages and disadvantages that we haven’t listed in this article yet. But in the end, we still hope that this writing is helpful for you.